Forensic Psychological Expert

Dr. Russell holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is a licensed psychologist in both Kansas and Missouri.   In addition, he has extensive forensic training and experience providing forensic psychological services in both criminal and civil cases.   Dr. Russell provides:

  • Comprehensive Child Custody Evaluations
  • Psychological Damage and Disability Determinations
  • Competency Examinations (Criminal and Civil)
  • Criminal Responsibility Evaluations
  • Reviews of Other Experts' Methods and Findings

Dr. Russell's dual background in psychology and the law is evident in his:

  • Quick grasp of the legal issues to be addressed by a psychological expert
  • Clear, thorough, well-organized and well-drafted reports
  • Ability to communicate complex psychological information in language that is easily understandable to lawyers, judges and jurors
Expert Counsel

Dr. Russell holds a J.D. and is a licensed attorney in Kansas.   He has practiced both criminal and civil law, and he is well-qualified to assist as expert counsel in cases involving the mental status of a party or the licensure of a mental health professional.   Dr. Russell provides:                                               

  • Experience with a Wide Range of Conditions and Tests
  • Recruitment and Preparation of Experts
  • Assistance with Depositions and Direct Examinations of Experts
  • Familiarity with Mental Health Professional Licensure Statutes
Litigation Consultant

Dr. Russell understands the communication issues involved in crafting a case presentation that is persuasive to jurors.   Dr. Russell also holds an M.B.A. and understands the economics of litigation, including the calculation and justification of damages.   Dr. Russell provides:                                                        

  • Comprehensive Health Impact Investigations in Personal Injury Cases
  • Video Presentations for Use in Settlement Negotiations
  • Preparation of Traumatized Witnesses to Testify Effectively
  • Mock Trial and Trial Presentation Analysis
Dr. Russell is a Kansas Supreme Court Approved Mediator with expertise in the legal, psychological and economic aspects of dispute resolution.   In addition, Dr. Russell provides assistance to people who have difficulty with estate-planning issues due to blended family dynamics.


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